Photo etching

Photo etching saves money and time ...

Photo etching or Photo chemical milling is a process in which we add a photo picture onto a certain material. The picture is applied onto the base material with a light-sensitive resist and subsequently illuminated with a film. The material is afterwards being etched from both sides in a sealed off etching machine with the wanted geometry, holes and bending lines.

This process is typically used for prototypes, low quantity production, very complex geometrically structures and where the clients do not want to invest in a punching too. The process even gives you the option in having several different parts at one material sheet and having the parts with etched bending lines for self-bending.

The process is often used for parts like connectors, RF shielding, leadframes and precision sieves where you cannot use a progressive tool or laser cutting.

The process allows us to etch material from 0.05 to 0.8mm thickness and in metals such as nickel silver, copper, brass, steel, aluminum and copper beryllium etc.

If you think the tolerances are much wider than punching – think again.

etch produkt 150.jpg