Allan Rugaard and Stefan Kowalski announce partnership in the Wist Europe ApS.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Allan Rugaard and Stefan Kowalski announce partnership in the Wist Europe ApS.

There has been made a formal partnership agreement between Allan and Stefan as of 01/10/2014 to strengthen Wist Europe's overall competence. 

Stefan comes from a position as Divisionsmanager in Mekoprint chemigraphics, where he has served as a link between production, R & D, quality and sales. Stefan possess longstanding expertise in implementing new ideas and new products to the industry on the metal side. 

Allan comes from Thrane and Thrane, where he has served as a strategic buyer. He possesses a great technical understanding of plastics and molding, and thus we have a Wist Europe who possess a broad technical foundation to advise our future customers in Europe. In cooperation with Wist Europe ApS, you will receive a company that can design, advise and start almost any item from well-known Chinese partners to Europe without you getting personal involved.

Purchasing new factory

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Supplier X placed in Shenzhen renovates factory and invest heavily in 200 brand new high-tech CNC machines.

There will be cleared out violently in the an old factory and all replaced and repaired, so we are ready with 200 new CNC machines by the end of March 2015. The demand for machined aluminum houses for mobile phones is steadily growing.

They say: our strategy is that within 1 year we will be known as a serious and competent supplier and we wants to be an alternative to the big players on this field. Besides high speed machining equipment, we have also invested in equipment to handle lower quantity, but far more complicated milled parts, for example, medical and communications industries.

Wist Europe launching new website...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wist Europe launching new website in collaboration with JCD A/S.

It was time to changes website and describe our skills in a structured and stylish way, therefore we chose to team up with JCD A/S, whom had a system that is easy to update and customize as we need ourselves. Morten Ellermann (Web&Grafic Manager) assisted us through this process and he has done this to our utmost satisfaction. He assisted with ongoing help and training in the use of the templates and setting up the system.

Our goal with the new website is to keep our customers and partners informed about existing and new processes, projects and new technologies within Wist.

Vision statement:

We want to be known as a competent partner you contact when starting up new products. We want to be known as those who keep the customers´projects in focus and who deliveries as promissed.